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Boom Boom Bovine

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14 hours from now: Your thumbs mash the smooth buttons of your gamepad, as a bead of sweat drips down your forehead. The smell of pizza rolls burning fills the air. You fire a flurry of moos and herd five enemies together while narrowly dodging a bullet. One extra life left, the funky music steadies your breath and re-focuses you. You press the “slow-moo” button and perfectly position yourself to unleash a massive FART! The gas radiates outward and annihilates the enemies in a satisfying cascade, multi-colored explosions bursting in rapid succession. Your point total grows, inching closer to your highest score.

The fire alarm goes off. You’ve just won the 43th level. One more and you’ll surely beat your personal best. Maybe you’ll even rank on the global leaderboard. The smoke burns your eyes. Just one more level.

15 seconds ago: The bright colors and funky music of the trailer for Boom Boom Bovine draw you in, but you want to learn more. What does this game offer? You read the description:

Who farted? You did! You’re Daisy Duke the cow, and it’s up to you alone to save the world from renegade machines and mutants, with your explosive methane-infused flatulence! You made the cheese, now it’s time to cut it.


  • Use herding, slow-time, and your bovine blasts to set off satisfying chain reactions.
  • Twin-stick controls get you in the flow of the fun and challenging gameplay.
  • Save points make the game easy to dive back in. Play for a few minutes, or spend hours trying to beat your last high score!
  • A cornucopia of achievements to track your progress from lonely farter to master blaster.
  • Steam leaderboards so you can triumph over your friends—or the entire world!
  • A funky soundtrack from airvoss!
  • Silent-but-deadly mode, if you want to turn off the fart sounds.
  • It's Geometry Wars meets Every Extend... in the 1980s!
  • A controller is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but keyboards are also supported!

12 seconds from now: You’ve heard enough. You smash that green Add to Cart button. Time to let 'er rip.

A note from the developers: We're a small team and new to releasing commercial games. We'd love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions, complaints, or feedback, please contact us via email, twitter (@WonderThingDev), or the Steam forums!


Boom Boom Bovine Boom Boom Bovine
Boom Boom Bovine
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