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FL Studio Mobile is a mobile music production application for Apple iOS and Android devices, developed by the Belgian software company Image-Line. The application has been created to provide an alternative for musicians who do not own or cannot afford the desktop version of the software, and to provide social network integration. FL Studio Mobile is a music creation program for anyone who wants to create music on the go. Whether you have a Mac or PC, this easy-to-use application is the perfect tool for music production. You can choose from a set of high-quality pre-installed instruments and effects, and also use it to record and mix your music.


FL Studio Mobile has all the features of the FL Studio software, in a more mobile-friendly design. FL Studio Mobile is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. FL Studio Mobile has a lot of features and one of its main features is that it provides a large number of tools. These tools allow users to create music with ease. There are also many different effects and plugins which FL Studio Mobile provides. Users can also create and edit loops and mix and match tracks.

Play Mode

The app offers a few different play modes, such as Loops, Scales, and Chords that can be played simultaneously. It also offers a Chord Editor that can be used to create custom chords.

Time Signatures

There are a few different time signatures available, such as 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8.


This is a MIDI controller app, meaning that it can be used to control other MIDI compatible apps.


Audio features include a few different sound samples, such as drums and piano.


The app can be used to record and playback audio.


Pitch features include transposition and MIDI note input.


Mixing features include a few different channels and effects.


FL Studio Mobile has a simple and intuitive design, with a set of features that are easy to use. The application is offered in two versions: a free version with a limited number of features, and a paid version with unlimited features. The design of the FL Studio Mobile app is easy to navigate because of its intuitive layout. There are three main parts to the app: the menu screen, the main screen, and the piano roll. The menu screen is where users can exit the app, select a song, or select the type of project they would like to create. The main screen is where users can compose their tune by tapping, sliding, or holding notes. And the piano roll is where users can edit their notes.


FL Studio Mobile is an easy to use application, with a clear and simple interface. It is a lot easier to use than the desktop version, and is a lot less complex.


FL Studio Mobile is a powerful and versatile music creation platform that is available for Android and iOS. It includes all of the features that are available in the desktop version of FL Studio, and it also comes with a very comprehensive manual and tutorial videos.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is flexible
  • It is cheaper than the desktop version
  • It is a lot more portable It is a lot more powerful than any other mobile music production application


  • It is not as powerful as the desktop version
  • It is not as configurable as the desktop version
  • It does not come with a lot of plugins
  • It does not offer a lot of export options


FL Studio Mobile FL Studio Mobile
FL Studio Mobile
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