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Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash is a free to play rhythm-based action-platformer video game created by Swedish indie developer Robert Topala. In the game, players control a square-shaped character called "the Geometry Dashboard" as it is propelled from one side of a two dimensional level to the other. The player must make the character jump from one platform to the next, avoiding objects that may hurt it, and activate a switch at the end of each level.


Geometry Dash is a game in which the player needs to avoid obstacles or else the game will end. There are different modes, and the player can also change the music by pressing the button in the bottom left corner. If the player is stuck with the current level, he or she can skip the level by pressing the button with the "skip" blue button in order to play on the next level. The gameplay consists of a 2D-style platformer with a variety of levels. The player must avoid various obstacles and collect coins and gems to get a high score. Coins and gems can be collected by jumping on them and not touching any obstacles, or by jumping on certain blocks. The player can also use powerups such as the Magnet and the Rocket Boost to get the coins and gems. The player can also get a time extension by collecting clocks, and can get a shield against obstacles by collecting the Shield powerup.


Graphically, Geometry Dash uses a retro style that is reminiscent of 8-bit games. Levels are set on a black background, and objects in the foreground stand out from the background with a white outline. The graphics in Geometry Dash are 2D, and follow a geometric theme. The background is a dark blue with geometric shapes for platforms and obstacles. The platforms and obstacles can either be bright blue or dark blue, and the player and gems are bright yellows.

Information about replayability

Geometry Dash is a game with a high level of replayability. Users are able to create their own levels with the level editor, which are then rated on the Geometry Dash forums. Geometry Dash has a high replayability factor because of the different difficulties. The player is able to play on Hard mode to earn a higher score, and can play on Normal mode when they are more experienced.


Geometry Dash is a free-to-play, side-scrolling platformer game released on September 18, 2013. The game includes two modes: Normal and Hard. Normal mode is for beginners and Hard mode is for more experienced players. Hard mode includes more difficult levels and progresses in difficulty faster than Normal mode.


  • Frequent updates
  • Level editor
  • Simple controls
  • No ads
  • Remixes
  • Endless replayability
  • Great for time wasting


  • No offline mode
  • Some blocks are hard to see
  • Some blocks are too slow
  • Can be slow at times
  • No level checkpoints


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