Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta review

Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta

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This is a FREE open beta version of the Multiplayer game, available for a limited time!

Warriors: Rise to Glory!'s online multiplayer mode is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements.
Create a lineage of fierce, (dis)honorable warriors fighting to the death in the arena to become the most feared gladiator bloodline in the world. Get revenge on those who slaughtered your ancestors! Customize each warrior's looks, name, honorary title, and fighting style. Fight in duels and tournaments and please crowds so they help you defeat your adversaries. With each victory, you and your bloodline become stronger, collecting loot and harvesting the souls of your butchered opponents. Use your hard-earned money to buy all kinds of weapons and armor. When you win, you will have to decide your opponent’s fate, which will also affect your path. You can send him to his maker or… well…

Some warriors won't make it through their epic journey, but don't fret: their descendants will inherit some of their skills and riches, so your lineage will grow stronger and stronger to eventually win their freedom back and avenge you – kicking lots of asses along the way!

So what are you doing here with mismatched armor, a huge bloody axe, and about to fart in some poor sod’s face? Or, as the poet would say, WTF? The mad emperor Ayziz reigns over the realm of Indiekingdom with an iron fist because, well… that’s what mad emperors do! Ayziz uses his dark powers to open portals to different timelines and places across the multiverse and teleport thousands of warriors to fight against each other in his pits and arenas for his depraved amusement (did we mention he's mad?). You are one of these warriors – after arriving near naked, leaving behind your home and family, you were told that only the fiercest warriors get their freedom back. You entered the fighting pits knowing that you won’t make it out alive… but also that your descendants will keep fighting to find freedom, revenge, and hopefully something nicer to wear than that disgusting loincloth!


  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas.
  • Fight in 1v1/2v2/tournaments or Free for All matches!
  • Fight with or against your friends online.
  • Make enemies of your friends and treat them accordingly.
  • Create custom warriors with all kinds of bizarre looks and bestow upon them the most fearsomely ridiculous honorary titles.
  • Gain experience and level up your warriors with better stats and new combat skills
  • Earn coins as you progress to buy cool gear and weapons.
  • Renovate your magnificent house so that each warrior will start his journey stronger.
  • Decide the fate of your fallen opponents: kill them or humiliate them… and earn rewards based on your decisions!
  • Choose wisely... for death can be permanent.

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Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta
Warriors: Rise to Glory! Online Multiplayer Open Beta
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    Gavra Games

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